Planning your Plans

Below are images I am currently using for my studio project, a small sleep-study center in Alexandria,VA.  The objective was to draw plans and RCPs inverted with each other.  These drawings were drawn with pencil and modified in Photoshop.  The images layered on the drawings help distinguish spaces while giving a hint to the use or feeling of the space.  Playing with the curves then inverting pencil drawings can create a nice background texture.  The white drawings are not true RCPs but convey what the occupant would actually view while lying down and looking up at the ceiling.  These are process plans and serve as a starting point for the building’s programatic layout.  


US Capital - Washington DC

The photo below is a beautiful view of Washington DC during the construction of the US Capital.  A friend sent this to me in an e-mail so I don’t have a date or source for the photo.  Construction of the US Capital started in September of 1793, but this photo appears to show the construction of the new dome, which means this was captured around 1858.    


My portfolio has been recently updated and can be viewed Here.  

Issuu.com is a digital publication site and is great place for posting magazines, books, and portfolios.  

LuLu.com is another great place to publish digital media but here you can print your publications and even make it available for others to purchase!


    For those following my page and are not surrounded by a daily does of design, here is a great site for getting a daily sample of architecture.  
     Arch Daily
    It has multiple new post a day and is a great source of current design around the world.  Here are some other design sites I also visit daily: 
      Daily Tonic
      Archi Lovers
    There are literally hundred out there on the internet but those listed above are up to date and easy to comprehend.  
    Other architectural blogs by students are also a great source of daily tips and tricks.  Alex Hogrefe is a must for blog bookmarks. 



A place for Night Owls - Little Nemo

My new studio project here at the Washington Alexandria Architecture Center is a sleep center for patients suffering from insomnia.   Using drawings from the famous comic story Little Nemo, (a dark, surreal, and violent story about a boy, Nemo, and his vivid dreams), I have constructed a diagrammatic section to help define space and spark some initial concepts.  This specific drawing was conjured from Nemo’s travels in Befuddle Hall.  Here things have a tendency to be distorted, out of scale, and inverted.  This conceptual diagram revolves around the inversion of space in relation to the real and dream world.