Naef Toy Competition

Naef is a Swiss Toy making company that specializes in extremely high quality wooden toys.  This year they are hosting a competition to design a high quality wooden toy.  I submitted one entry titled "Disko".  Disko is a fun stacking and snapping toy for all ages.  The column of wooden disks not only acts as a challenging vertical puzzle but can also be assembled in an infinite number of ways.  The proportions of the disk allow them to snap and slide with each other, allowing beautiful and fun creations to form.  Disko was designed to be a challenging vertical puzzle, combining orthogonal and circular shapes to perfectly fit in the palm of one's hand.   Here are photos of my process and final toy prototype.  


   I enjoyed working with my hands and designing something with an air of playfulness. 
Below is the final board submitted to the competition.  

The toy shown above was designed and built by James Catalano.  All rights Reserved.